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5 axis Water Jet Cutting


  • 72x144 inches plus
  • any steel up to 10 inches thick
  • any object up to 48 inches high

A high pressure jet containing abrasive material is used to cut any material except tempered glass. There is no heat so there is no distortaion or change to the material itself. The cut edge has an excellent finish and is very clean. The CNC control is extremely accurate and can cut any complex shape.

Busch Machine Tool has the software to convert any drawing, dxf, dwg, and other file types into finished parts. We can even convert artwork and photos.


  • Cut Finished Parts
  • Cut part blanks for further machining
  • Machine parts that are too hard to machine with other methods
  • Remove taps and broken tools

Exotic Materials & Very Hard Metals

  • Less waste because the "kerf" is very narrow
  • Will Cut any Materal with ease
  • Cutting speed is not affected by hardness
  • Very cost effective

Glass and Ceramic Tile

  • Cut intricate shapes for inlay
  • Parts are exact and fit together without gaps.


  • Cuts materials without damage from heat
  • Excellent edge quality
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